Hand Crafted and Built Inspired by Raw Riding Passion

You don’t come across a ride that embodies what pure bike character is all about. Something that is beyond aesthetic bells and whistles, but gets a nasty grin out of your hard core muck.




Moto Morini just mumbled no bullshit and raw biker passion and came out with the Scrambler 1200.. With the quasi modern fused retro-esque lines, the roaring 115 BHP V engine monster clothed on a semi-off road persona and its raw uncaged torque and power minus all the sissy Electronics of the new bikes., This Scrambler provokes madness and wide wide grins and a lot of whoaaa moments.



The Throttle is the only reigns you have on this real spanking beast of a bike, despite the absence of any techo sissy electronics as the makers call em, the Scrambler is amazingly very stable and agile, superb cornering ability with the occasional pull backs when you get too excited on the throttle. It has been a long time since ive been excited intimidated yet challenged by a bike, and this Moto Morini Scrambler just keep murmuring.. Can you handle me?



Even with the aggressive character ( thats what a scramblers supposed to be) I am surprised with the versatility of the bike slicing thru twisties effortless and charging hopping and skipping thru muddy, rocky and dusty paths beyond pave roads.



Given the History of this MotoMorini, It really stands out as a Scrambler Liter class truly beyond just a novelty, but a raging spirit waiting to be unleashed on the streets and more on the back roads.



I brought the bike thru the Bataan loop over paved highways, twisties of the Bagac Morong Roads and the Backroads of Saysayin, Quinawan and onto Balon Anito, and the bike just rumbled charged and smoothly took on whatever surface we met. I even scaled the rocky sisiman outcropping, balancing over rocks and sand. Not anytime did i doubt this badboy would falter of fall. and it never did.



The Moto Morini Scrambler echoes the italian fervor for power and simplicity with the signature exquisite styling lines accented by the trellis frame, Yet this beast kinda says no BS baby.



All in All.. This is one bike for the true Enthusiast.. Never just a novelty.. more of an escape from the tame and techy world of todays motorcycles.

Somehow, when I glance at this bike, I can almost hear it snicker and giggle at me.

That Moto Morini Scrambler.

Joey Storm Rivero

Bikerbox, Inc.
Moto Morini Philippines

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