Waves for Water – Do What You Love and Help Along the Way

It’s very often that we go out with our bikes, when the sun is up, we go where the roads lead us.


It is quite evident, the motorcycle community is ever growing. Clubs and groups, old and new, you see it everyday, much often, every weekends, converging on gas stations, coffee shops, restaurants, gotohans and more.
Motorcycle communities had never been so vibrant nowadays in and out of Metro Manila.

We pour out much of our time and resources on motorcycles. We are passionate about it. We are connected everywhere, regardless of status, every time we talk about motorcycles.

Now we arrive into this idea – How passionate are we when it comes to providing help for others?



Waves for Water is an international, non-profit organization where they work with leaders and strategic partners who take a no-nonsense attitude towards making global change.


Their goal is simple, provide clean water to communities involved around the world.


We at Bikerbox believed in this initiative. As passionate as we all are in the world of motorcycles in the Philippines, then we ask again – How passionate are we when it comes to providing help for others?


Help us provide clean water to nearby communities, whenever you and your group go out with a ride, in or out of town. We are giving free water filters for free.



This simple noble cause, that would take little of your time, can help communities a lot in a lifetime. We only wish to involve a lot of motorcycle groups in this cause to provide more help for the communities in need.



Take part of this initiative. Get your group involved.

Visit us at Bikerbox Inc. for a short demo, and we’ll provide a filter kit for each group.

Shop is open from Monday – Saturday, 9am – 9pm

#WavesForWater #RevForWater #RideForCleanWater


Words by Maki Aganon

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